The Change Workshop

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Reality - change can make you crazy!

Hello Friends! Yes, I've not posted to this site since before the holidays. What happened? My team of training mavens and I did some classes in Southern California back to back - a very demanding schedule and - guess what? We got sick! Yes - we kept on going despite signs that told us we should be reasonable and consider how being on an airplane, getting little rest, being with people who were sick, feeling stressed would affect us. And just when we thought we were finished with that effort our leader asked us to gear up for another one - and we did! Now, don't get me wrong, the purpose was a good one, the product a good one, BUT we once again pushed ourselves and maybe (just maybe) if we'd been more realistic in our expectations of what we could achieve with excellence we would have exceeded our expectations, not just met them.

Yes, friends, one of my famous mottoes is "Take the time to do it right." I know Tom Peters challenges us to be bold, wacky and a little crazy when it comes to delivering good products/services but we must remember that we must give to ourselves first so that we have energy to give to those who expect the best from us. So, yeah, change is exciting and energizing and can make you feel alive - but TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF first or you won't have the impact you've envisioned in your dreams. Now go out there and Wow them!