The Change Workshop

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Birthday Bunch

Do you know people who share your birthday? Mine is right in the middle of the summer and I've only found a few people who's birthdays are on that day. My "birthday buddies" and I have been meeting for lunch for five years now and we really look forward to it. Each year we go to a different, hopefully new, restaurant and we limit our gift-giving to small items. Some of us put a lot of thought into the gifts we choose and it's amazing how meaningful those gift can be, even though they are very inexpensive. We love catching up on what's been going on with everyone in the last year. Two of our group retired early this year. Us working stiffs are envious because they look so great - must be the less stress, more fun life they're living. Anyway, seeing my friends each year brings continuity into my life. As a change specialist I love the excitement, surprise and freshness that change can bring - but I do appreciate the constant, reliable elements of life, too. I've added this year's picture of the wonderful folks that share my birthday.