The Change Workshop

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Darn those changes

It's been an interesting summer. I use the word interesting although trying, frustrating and maddening would be accurate, too. Here in the Sacramento Valley the temp is often over 100 degrees in the summer. This summer started out tame - up until July it felt like February. Then - BAM! - we hit triple digits. That's when my air conditioner in my house gave out. So I had to buy a whole new unit even though my house is only four years old. Turns out the builder put in one that was too small so replacement was inevitable. Right after we got the new unit installed the air conditioner in my car went out. Oh yeah, I bought the car when I bought the house. In fact, I still have about five more payments to make on it and had to pay $1400 to get a new compressor. Then a few days ago the hub I use to connect my computer to the Internet pooped out. This is what my teachers at the Berkeley Psychic Institute call a "growth period." You just gotta hang on and see it through. I was thinking, "You're the change workshop teacher so set an example of how to live with change. Use this experience as material for the class."

I must admit it is tempting to feel sorry for oneself but that leads to a downward spiral of negativity, resentment and, ultimately, self-recrimination. If we just ride out the storm it does pass. According to "The Tao of Chaos" the universe is a pendulum that swings one way and, inevitably, swings back. It's the duality of our existence as humans - all things have opposites. Chaos theory posits that "chaos finds its own order" so if we are constant what happens around us, or to us, will eventually stabilize. Of course, it will also eventually de-stabilize. My experience continues to teach me to "be with" what happens instead of trying to change it or analyze it. Now I'm cool in house and car and feeling somewhat renewed, grateful for the endless opportunities to learn I'm given.