The Change Workshop

Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Lighthouse

In The Change Workshop we discover that we do have the ability to find peace in each moment. Many of you may be thinking, "You must be kidding. You haven't lived my life - the stress on the job, the demands of family, the responsibilities I have. How can I find peace?" My friends, it is a fair question. The pace of our lives is often breakneck speed - one stressful thing after another happens. Just driving to work can test our nerves, no less our serenity. Yet I encourage you to find space to breathe, pause, center. The light you can bring to each moment not only calms you, it spreads light to those around you.

Think of the work of the lighthouse. It spreads light to guide the lost to their destination. When is it most needed? In the darkest night, during the fiercest storm, in the densest fog. Where are lighthouses built? Right where the storm will rage, at the edge of the vast ocean - there is one in France that sits solitary on an island, constantly batter by huge waves. Think about it - What good would a lighthouse be in a city full of lights?

These times we live in call for those who bring in the light. There are wars, natural disasters, poverty and crime in the world. Yet, in our everyday lives we face constant battering, too - angry people, judgment, expectations - fear abounds. I encourage you to be a lighthouse -- at work, with family, with friends. Expand your heart to let light in. Then spread that light where it is sorely needed.


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