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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Change In The World Today

This week we've had two events that have changed the world.

We saw the beloved Pope John Paul II laid to rest indicating the Catholic Church will have a new leader that could continue John Paul's leadership or bring a change to that religion's role on the world stage. If you are a priest, bishop or cardinal you might have some trepidation about who will be the new Pope. For millions of Catholics who revered John Paul, this next month will be one of anxious vigilance.

This week Prince Charles layed to rest (symbolically) his former wife, Princess Diana, once and for all when he wed Camilla Parker-Bowles. His and her children, the Queen and all the royals appear to be embracing this change with reconciliation. Shouldn't we all see this as a time to forgive a man who made a terrible mistake and is trying to make it right? How many of you are still angry that Charles and his family seduced Diana, a beautiful young girl, into believing she was in a fairly tale while expecting her to be an heir-producer and tourist attraction?


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